Ziploc Easy Open Tab Sandwich Bags (580 ct.)

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Easy Open Tabs make life easier for your food-packaging needs with the Ziploc® Sandwich Bag (580 ct).

What Can You Pack in These Bags?

The Ziploc Sandwich Bag allows you to pack sandwiches, pizza, cookies, fruit, subs, carrot sticks, celery, chips and much more. If you need to keep your snack fresh while you’re on the go, Ziploc snack bags have you, and your food, covered. You can also use the Ziploc bags to pack up any sandwiches, meals, fruits or vegetables that need to be kept fresh and easy to access.

Featuring Easy Open Tabs

This Ziploc Sandwich Bag package now features Ziploc bags with easy open tabs. The Easy Open Tabs offer you an extended tab at the top of the baggies that helps you avoid any frustrations with opening the bags.

More Than a Bag

You don’t just need Ziploc bags to store food and snacks. Use your bags in a variety of ways. You can use it as an icing machine by filling the bag with cake frosting and snipping off a small corner of the bag. Then you can go ahead and squeeze the bag to cover any cookies or cupcakes with flavorful icings and frostings. Use the same function to turn fruits into chocolate-filled treats for easy, mess-free desserts. You can prep for your camping trip by filling your Ziploc bags with pre-portioned treats like crackers and cheese or delicious s’mores.

No matter what the use, the durable design of these snack bags offers you a safe and trusted way to store your snacks and meals. Also, you can utilize the versatility of Ziploc bags to store and organize non-food items like crafting supplies, electronic cords and cables and even for protecting your phone and other smart devices from water and messes while you’re in the shower or in the kitchen prepping a meal.

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Ziploc Easy Open Tab Sandwich Bags (580 ct.)

US$ 15.05

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