Marie Callender’s Chicken Variety Soup (8 ct.)

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Use Marie Callender’s® Chicken Variety Soup (8 ct.) to offer two delicious soup options. With eight soup cans in this one box, you can definitely keep the pantry full.

What’s in Marie Callender’s Chicken Variety Soup Pack?

This assortment features a set of soup cans that can provide you with the fulfilling meal you need to get through the day. In this particular pack, you’ll receive four cans of chicken and dumplings soup and four cans of chicken pot pie soup. Both flavors are made with tender white meat chicken and vegetables, which offers a satisfying flavor that many enjoy.

Who Makes Marie Callender’s Chicken Variety Soup?

This pack of soup comes from Perkins & Marie Callender’s LLC, a restaurant chain with over 50 locations all over the United States and Mexico. Additionally, Marie Callender’s also produces meals that you can purchase and prepare at home.

Can This Soup Pack Help Cure a Cold?

When you or someone you love has come down with a bad cold, it’s important that they stay well nourished. Although it’s seen as a mere tradition in many parts of the world, warm chicken soup can actually help you overcome a cold. Chicken contains vital amino acids that can promote health and the steaming hot broth can keep you hydrated while clearing your nasal passages. So, feel free to use a can of chicken pot pie soup or chicken dumpling soup when the inevitable occurs.

Perfect For Those Short On Time

When you’re in a hurry but want to get a warm, satisfying meal, the chicken pot pie soup and the chicken dumpling soup are two reliable options. Already prepared and rich with flavor, you don’t even have to heat them up. However, if you do heat them up, they can provide steaming goodness that’s difficult to find anywhere else. The thick chunks of chicken combine nicely with the creamy broth.

Marie Callender’s Soup Recipes

Although the soup arrives ready to eat, you can still add your own ingredients to heighten the flavor. In fact, many enjoy adding an extra cup of vegetables to the pot pie soup to acquire extra taste and texture. Others prefer to add biscuits, onions, eggs and a touch of butter to make it appetizing enough for the whole family.

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Marie Callender’s Chicken Variety Soup (8 ct.)

Marie Callender's Chicken Variety Soup (8 ct.)

US$ 14.05

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